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Our Vision

We take pride in making the best timber frame homes, & providing outstanding service to our clients throughout the home building process.

We a team of craftsmen dedicated to creating timber homes of outstanding quality, design, perfection and energy eficiency. Each member of our team takes pride in creating amazing homes and exceding client's expectations!


Fall Creek Timber Frames began in 1994 as a partnership between two timber framers with a passion for the craft. Through the years, our business has grown and we have added new members to our team but through it all our focus has remained fixed upon excellence in our product and service.

 We now consist of six outstanding craftsmen and two office personnel. The two founding members are still here and now have over 25 years (each) of timber framing experience. We have been active members of the Timber Framers Guild of North America since 1995 and attend the annual conferences.

This is our 21st year of crafting timber frame homes of exceptional quality throughout the northwest. We are based in Troy, Montana and we build primarily in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington. Generally, we produce around 6 or 7 frames each year and often supply finish material such as flooring, stairs and railings, fireplace mantels and trim.

Making your Dream Home a Reality

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